VideoSpinDoor is a sip ip door phone software that allows you to manage and control an IP door phone directly from your computer through a simple application running in background using the SIP protocol.
VideoSpinDoor runs on the PCs of the LAN where it is installed.
When someone is at the entrance, ringing the bell, the application is activated and a popup window Skype-like appears in the bottom-right corner of your screen notifying you that someone is at the entrance.
The application allows you to see who is at the entrance and to communicate with him. The application can send a DTMF to the entrance to open the gate or the door.
It is possible to install the application on more than one PC in order to share the control of the entrance between more than one client.
VideoSpinDoor allows you to control an entrance from different spots without need to buy expensive hardware but using the PC only.
VideoSpinDoor is simple to install and immediate to use.


  • Communication audio (bidirectional) and video with the IP door communicator directly from your PC with your default audio devices;
  • Entrance opening features through the sending of customizable DTMF tone;
  • Sharing of the control of the entrance between more clients, in order to delegate the control to different users in different moments;
  • Do not disturb feature in order to pass the control to the other client in the LAN without being disturbed;
  • Direct connection to IP door communicator through the IP address;
  • Connection through supported PBX like Cisco, 2n, Asterisk and more;
  • Echo cancellation and audio/video optimization options
  • Audio and Video recording on client computer
  • Display video immediatelly using auto-answer with mute on


Supported operative systems:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 with .NET framework 2.0 installed.

Tested and suggested IP door communicator:
2N Helios IP series

Voice Signaling:

DTMF sending:
RFC2833 and SIP INFO

Supported audio codec:
G.711, aLaw/uLaw, G.722.1, g.722, SPEEX, SPEEX-WB, AMR-WB, GSM, iLBC, G.723.1, G.729;

Supported video codec:
H.263, H.263-1998, H.264


Our developers are able to customize and create special versions of Videospindoor on the needs of our customers. A few examples of customization:

  • Customization of logo and skin to resell the Videospindoor as your own software.
  • Translation in other languages.
  • Adding special features of recording, automatic opening and more.
  • Customization of appearance and interface.
  • Complete solution all in one with a special appliance (black box or open)


VideoSpinDoor is available for 90€/license
Reseller can write to for the discount or questions