Callspin is a softphone for Call Center agents that interact with multi queue PBX and CRM web based solutions for contacts management.
Operators can see the costumer profile inside of Callspin and link the call to the contact.
Callspin is based on SIP protocol and interacts directly with Asterisk for online/offline state and pause management, every times the agent want to pause the session can also set the reason from a pre-defined pool.
All these features integrated perfectly in only one product!
The Asterisk integration is made by an authenticated connection with the Asterisk manager at 5038 port that get these functions:

  • extract Asterisk uniqueid to search and link call on CDR
  • login/logout to max 5 queue
  • number of caller in queue for every services
  • pause with pre-defined reason
  • auto-pause on missed call

The Callspin GUI include a space reserved for web application like CRM and the ability to interact through HTTP GET variables.
The information sent to web based apps are:

  • caller name
  • caller number
  • device / username (es. SIP/100)
  • uniqueid

L'url become like this:

Features of Callspin:

  • 1 account SIP
  • STUN e PROXY support
  • codec: G.711, G.722.1, G.723.1, G.729(b), GSM, iLBC, SPEEX(WB), AMR-WB
  • S.O. > Microsoft Windows XP
  • hold
  • "full consult" transfer
  • Plantronics device support (from 3.0)

Download and try for 30 days CallSpin on your Asterisk PBX download.

Demonstration video of CallSpin


CallSpin is available for 120€/license
Reseller can write to for question about discount