Callspin Client

An Asterisk based softphone for Call Center.

Callspin is a softphone for Call Center agents that interact with multi queue PBX and CRM web based solutions for contacts management.
Operators can see the costumer profile inside of Callspin and link the call to the contact.
Callspin is based on SIP protocol and interacts directly with Asterisk for online/offline state and pause management, every times the agent want to pause the session can also set the reason from a pre-defined pool.
All these features integrated perfectly in only one product!



Your IP Door Phone on the PC.

VideoSpinDoor is a Windows application that allows you to communicate with any IP Door Phone or IP Door SIP Communication System. VideoSpinDoor runs in background and can connect directly to any IP Door phone or through a PBX like Cisco solutions, Asterisk and many others that support SIP protocol.


VideoSpinDoor PBX

Manage your IP Door Phone network.

Netspin door PBX is the first PBX solution completely studied and developed to manage an IP Door Communication network. It allows you to manage and configure your network, the IP Door Phones, the VideoSpinDoor clients and the other devices like phones and more.